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  • 2024.1.19We will be opening 4 VIP rooms in early February! These rooms each feature a private open-air bath and are being made with the modern Japanese style as their guiding concept.
  • Take in the beautiful views our resort offers while relaxing in our spacious open-air-baths!

    Price: ¥32,000 pre person

    ☆Two traditional multi-course “KAISEKI meals” for every night of syay,served directly to your room.

    ☆Roomy King-sized bed
    ☆Choice of YUKATA robes
    ☆Luxury Amenities
    ☆ Free Wi-Fi

    Our engineering department is personally handling the construction of these VIP rooms.

    They will be completed in the near future, so we look forward to sharing further details shortly!

Natural Hot-Spring “HINATA-NO-YADO”
The place to heal & refresh yourself.

Enjoy our varieties of Hot-Spring and Original KAISEKI Meals filled with fresh ingredients of Nichinan-City.
- KAISEKI Meals : A Special meal served on Special Occasions.

Located in town of OBI, Nichinan-City called "Little KYOTO of KYUSHU",
You can see the great view of Nichinan and SAKATANI River flows from private Hot-Spring.

Showing you how great of Miyazaki's are throughout Meals.

Welcome you with the great meals of livestocks and marine products from Miyazaki,

as well as that incorporate of chef's passion.

Natural Hot-Spring “HINATA-NO-YADO”

Welcome you to visit & stay at "HINATA-NO-YADO" for your special trip in Nichinan-City, Miyazaki.


We offer 9 different types of Room where you can enjoy the scenic Mountain views of Nichinan.

After 3PM
Before 10AM
Guest Room
46 Rooms
Room Type
  • ・Japanese Room (About 6 Tatami Mat Size)
  • ・Japanese Room (About 8 Tatami Mat Size)
  • ・Japanese Room w/Bed ( About 8 Tatami Mat Size)
  • ・Japanese Room w/Private Hot-Spring (About 10 Tatami Mat Size)
  • ・Japanese Room + BR (About 4/half-6 Tatami Mat Size)
  • ・Single-Size Bed Room
  • ・Twin-Size Bed Room
  • ・Top-Floor Japanese Room + BR w/private bath
  • ・Twin-Size Bed Room w/universal-Design and private bath

Main Facilities

TV / Telephone / Wi-Fi / Bathroom / Toilet / Air-Conditioner / Refrigerator / Electric Kettle / Humidifier / Hair Dryer / Safety Box

Room Amenities

Towels / Toothbrush Set / Razor / Hair Brushes / Slippers / Sleeping Wear

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Enjoy more than 10 types of Bath for Men & Women
including Hot-Spring called "ONSEN for Beauty Skin" with viewing beautiful sight of Nichinan.

There's some Jet-Bath, Water-Fall Bath, Bath for Families & Open-Air Bath.
Take a Hot-Spring to refresh & relax yourself while you're staying at our place.

The most woman cares about is how it's effect for beauty & moisturizing to skin.
One of the point you could check for beauty of skin at Hot-Spring is the amount of Metasilicate Acid.
Normally, it's called "ONSEN for Beauty Skin" if its more than 50mg Metakei Acid in it,
our Hot-Spring has more than 66mg Metakei Acid in it.

Our Hot-Spring could keep your skin to moisturized & beautiful.
Create your beautiful skin with natural hot water while relaxing in a warm Hot-Spring.

The point that women are concerned about when visiting hot springs is the skin beautifying effect and moisturizing effect.
Metasilicic acid, which is one of the key points in determining the quality of Hot-Spring for beautiful skin,
is generally said to contain 50mg or more of hot springs for beautiful skin, but our Hot-Spring contain as much as 66mg.
Natural moisturizing ingredients promote skin metabolism
and keep your skin moisturized even after you get out of the bath.
Create beautiful skin with natural lotion while relaxing in the warm hot springs .

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Our beautiful meals of using fresh products of Nichinan City.

Nichinan-City is called "Little Kyoto" as it shown over 500 years in history.
You can have so many plates with natural products from Nichinan.


Nice weather and feel the nature through a year.

You can see the great view of Nichinan such as Mountains and beautiful Nature from "SKY" and enjoy your meals.

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